Welcome to my World
(oil painting on canvas)

Embroidered Flower, 70X100 cm, sold

Calypso, 120X120 cm, sold

Rain over the Lake, 100X80 cm, sold

France, Spring, Blossom , 60X80 cm, (sold)

Twilight Magenta Flower, 120X100 cm, sold

Frozen in Time, 100X100 cm, sold

Black and Navy on neon Red, 120X100 cm

Red Wine, 120X100 cm,sold

Need Some Space, 120X100 cm, sold

Awakenings, 120X100 cm (sold)

Caribbean Sunset 1377, 120X150 cm (sold)

The Lake, 120X90 cm (sold)

Folk Motives, 120x100

When I saw you, 60x40 cm

Happiness, 150X100 cm, sold

Reef, 120x100 cm (not for sale)

Strange Clouds, 100x100 cm (sold)

Joy 2, 120x100 cm (sold)

Spring in London, 100x120 cm

Tranquility 2, 100X150 cm, sold

Butterflies, 100x120 cm

Spring Feelings, 120x100 cm

Northern Lights, 100x120 cm (sold)

Venus Magnolia, 120x80 cm (sold)

Eclipse, 120x100 cm (sold)

Happiness to Live, 120x100 cm

Caramel, 120x80 cm(sold)

Early Morning, 100x120 cm (sold)

Ice and Fire, 120x100 cm

Eucalyptus, 120x100 cm(sold)

Christmas Story, 100X120 cm

Don't play with me, 50x60 cm (sold)

Echo of Summer, 100x120 cm / sold

Floral Ice-Cream, 100x120 cm / sold

Tranquility,100x120 cm / sold

Depth of Soul,100x120 cm / sold

In a search for Sun, 100x100 cm / sold

Love me Tender, 100x100 cm / sold 

Blooming Garden, 100x100 cm / sold


Love me Sweet, 100x100 cm / sold

Love Tree, 120x100 cm (sold)

Joy, 120x100 cm/ sold

Night Lights, 120x100 cm / sold

Peonies, 120x100 cm / sold

Sweet Love, 100x100 cm / sold